Patient FAQs

When will I receive my collection kit?

Once you have placed your order and paid for your test, your collection kit will be processed within 48 hours and delivered within 5-10 business days depending on your location.

Where do I go for blood collection?

To find your closest collection centre, visit and enter your city, suburb or postcode.

How will I receive my results?

All patients are referred back to their practitioner for interpretation of results. BeFunctional provides an interpretive service to practitioners only.

What if I forget to collect my specimen(s) at the set time(s)?

You will need to wait and do the testing the following day. All specimens must be collected as described in the collection kit instructions for each test.

Can I reuse a test tube if I have made an error during collection?

Yes, but you can only reuse the tubes for saliva and urine samples. Simply rinse the tube out with luke-warm water and air dry upside down in a clean area.

What if I have completed my test on a weekend?

Store your specimen in the fridge (urine or saliva) or a cool dark area (for stool specimens – NOT in the fridge) and post immediately on Monday. Note: some specimens need to be frozen on collection. Please check the instructions.

Can I take my collection kit to a collection centre for pick up?

No, please return your completed test via the method outlines in the collection kit instructions.

I am taking vitamin/mineral supplements. Will this affect the test?

It is not usually necessary to stop taking supplements during a test but this may vary with some tests. Always refer to the test kit instructions and the advice of your practitioner.

If I am on prescribed medication, will this affect the test?

If you routinely take certain medications, you should continue to do so during the test, unless instructed otherwise by your practitioner.

What is the difference between allergy testing and sensitivity testing?

Allergy testing refers to the IgE response the body has to a particular allergen. This testing is known as RAST Testing and your referring practitioner will need to detail which allergens are to be tested.  Our FoodPrint Food Sensitivity testing measures your body's IgG response to an array of different foods. This is not an allergy test.

Why choose BeFunctional?

BeFunctional provides specialised laboratory services to functional medicine practitioners and their patients. Our goal is to assist practitioners and their patients to achieve and maintain optimal health through the use of evidence-based testing.

Specimen storage?

Stool – cool dark place (do NOT refrigerate)
Saliva – Can be stored in the fridge or the freezer
Urine – Can be stored in the fridge or the freezer

When are samples collected?

Samples should be sent or collected from Monday to Wednesday. If unable to send on these days, store as above.

How do I return the test sample?

All collection kits include a reply paid envelope to return your sample to our laboratory for testing. More delicate samples include an express postage reply paid padded envelope, whereas more stable samples include a standard mail reply paid padded envelope.

I have kit tests (stool, saliva, or urine) and blood tests that my practitioner has ticked on my referral form. Do I send the referral form with my kit test or give it to the collection assistant when I have my bloods taken?

Make a photocopy of the referral form that your practitioner has given you. Take the original along with you to have your blood collected and give it to the collection assistant. Send the photocopy along with your kit when you send it back to the laboratory.

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