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As a BeFunctional practitioner you will have access to our complete range of kit and blood testing, personalised referral forms, and an online results viewing system for all of your patients’ results (eResults). Our evidence-based results and NATA accredited laboratories and Collection Centres ensures you can depend on the integrity of each report influencing your suggested treatment plans.

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Why Choose BeFunctional?

  • Scientific Integrity: Our tests are performed within a comprehensive NATA accredited laboratory staffed by a team of highly experienced and skilled scientists and technicians.
  • Medically driven support to assist in interpretation and clinical decision making.
  • Technical Support: Dedicated technical advisors available to assist practitioners in the selection of tests and interpretation of results – ensuring maximum clinical value.
  • Market leader and significant history of quality: supporting the practice of Functional Medicine since 1974.
  • Scientific leadership and market leading technology.
  • Convenience: Our tests are designed such that where ever possible, patients may collect specimens in the privacy of their own home. For tests requiring a blood specimen, BeFunctional patients have the convenience of blood collection at one of Australian Clinical Labs extensive network of Approved Pathology collection centres:

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