Oestrone (E1) [Saliva]

Oestrogens are a group of multiple hormones including E1, E2 and E3. In women, oestrogens are secreted directly by the ovaries or made in adipose cells by conversion from DHEA-S and testosterone. In men, oestrogen hormones are made to a lesser extent in the testes.

The pattern of circulating oestrogens in the human body is:

Oestrone (E1) 10-20%

Oestradiol (E2) 10-20%

Oestriol (E3) 60-80%

Oestrone (E1)
  • Readily converts to oestradiol
  • Levels increase following menopause, giving the body some oestrogen benefits

Oestrone (E1) is produced primarily from androstenedione in the testes in men, the ovaries in women and the adrenal glands in both sexes. There is conversion back and forth between E1 and E2. After menopause E1 levels increase, possibly due to increased conversion of androstenedione to E1, particularly in overweight people where there is more adipose tissue. E1 has less oestrogenic activity than E2.

Test Kit

After the practitioner has provided a request form, the patient can order their saliva hormone test kit online at befunctional.com.au/store. Each test kit contains full instructions.

Specimen Requirements

Saliva Samples - Home Testing Kit

The test kits provided contain everything required to complete the test.

Patients are required to hand deliver samples to an Australian Clinical Labs Collection Centre.

Patient Preparation

  • Avoid alcohol 12 hours prior to collection
  • Do not brush teeth or apply make-up/lipstick prior to saliva collection
  • It is recommended that the patient fast for one hour. No smoking, food or drink (except water) before collecting saliva samples
  • If the patient is using hormone creams, wait 12 hours after the last dose before collecting saliva
  • If the patient uses a troche (a lozenge placed in the mouth), wait 3 days after the last dose before collecting saliva

Turnaround Time

The standard turnaround time for this test is 10 - 14 business days.



Additional $20.00 postage & handling fee applies to this test.


Prepayment is required when ordering test kit.