Functional Billing & Payment

Billing for Functional Testing is either through direct payment via our online Shopping Cart or over the phone; via your practitioner or via invoice that is sent after testing is completed.

All test kits and blood collection incur a fee. Functional kit testing incurs a postage and handling fee of $20 & blood collection incurs a collection fee of $20 as well.

All of our kits are valid for 12 months due to sensitive consumables used for laboratory testing and expiry dates on delicate materials.

The $20 postage and handling fee covers the cost of the kit being sent to the patient and then sent back. This is a once off fee that is mandatory. We do not have any retail centres where kits can be purchased in order to waive the postage and handling fee.

The $20 collection fee when you visit a collection centre to have blood taken covers the cost of labour and equipment used to have the sample taken. Again this fee is mandatory and cannot be waived under any circumstance.

The price of testing purely covers the labour, equipment and expertise needed to complete testing to produce results. The postage and collection fees are charged to cover the costs incurred in collecting the samples.

Should you have any concerns about these additional fees you are welcome to contact our call centre on 1300 554 480. However as stated previously, these fees are mandatory and cannot be waived under any circumstance.

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